Amplify Your Social Media Reach

Gain exposure to new, qualified audiences by connecting your brand with the social networks of your employees.

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Expand Your Audience

Bambu taps your workforce to become brand advocates and amplify your social reach by sharing pre-approved content, connecting your organization to new opportunities.

7 in 10

people are using social media while they are at work.

4 in 5

people think social media negatively impacts their daily productivity at work.


of people don’t have ample guidance to use social media to advocate for their company.

Putting Downtime to Work: With 67% of Employees Using Social Media at Work, Brands Are Missing an Opportunity.

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Simplify Content Distribution

Bambu streamlines all of the important messages and content relevant to your company through a single platform for your employees to read and share on social media.

Align On-Brand Messaging

Pre-approved social messaging and post text suggestions help ensure that content shared through employees is on-brand and authentic.

Understand Your Reach

Gain insight into brand amplification and understand which pieces of content are resonating with your employees and their networks. Identify top sharers and create targeted teams for scalable amplification.

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