Ensuring that timely content is delivered to the right people at the right time is crucial for any organization. Maybe there’s an event coming up and you want to send a last minute reminder for people to spread the word. Or, a critical announcement came out and you want to bring your team’s attention to that news.

All of that just got a lot easier with the release of a powerful new feature in Bambu called broadcast notifications. This feature allows for content managers to better communicate with individuals in their organization.

Now, instead of simply relying on copying and distributing links to people within their organization in order to bring content to their attention, content managers can broadcast a story from right within Bambu. This will generate & send a beautifully formatted email to specific users for any active piece of content that’s been curated into Bambu.

Important Information Distributed Instantly

As organizations try to ensure that important content is being delivered in a timely and relevant way, broadcast notifications give content managers a better way to communicate directly with specific people within their organization.

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