The biggest risk to any employee advocacy program’s success is adoption. Ensuring relevant content can be accessed by individuals is key, but you will not see positive results from these efforts if participation is low. One of the fastest ways to combat low adoption is to create multiple entry points into your advocacy platform. The more reasons they have to login to the platform, the better chance you have of keeping them engaged.

Bambu’s newest feature, Compose, provides another entry point to encourage your team to spend more time in the platform. With Compose, individuals can now streamline their social sharing efforts and post or schedule relevant articles directly to their social networks. After sharing, they can head to Personal Stats to view data on how their posts performed. If they find an article they also want coworkers to see, they can submit it as a Suggestion from the Compose screen. All of these tools create incentives to stay engaged in Bambu and your employee advocacy program.

One Stop Shop for Social Content

Compose brings all social sharing efforts into one place. Instead of having to post from each social network separately, content can be seamlessly shared from a single source. Scheduling social posts from Compose helps to ensure a regular cadence of messages are reaching your audience.

Previously, employees utilizing Bambu had to balance two separate workflows for sharing content:

  1. Log into Bambu to discover and share content curated by their program admins.
  2. Log into social networks natively to share additional content that they discovered on their own.

Compose removes this confusion and consolidates these steps so that all sharing—regardless of whether a Story has been curated or not—can be done through Bambu. Not only does this help your team normalize the motion for sharing content so it feels more intuitive, it provides transparency for Admins into the entire social sharing program at their company.

All content shared from Compose will appear in Personal Stats so your employees can analyze how their audiences are engaging with content. By benchmarking how audiences responded to content, teams can inform what types of future messages they send.

Use Bambu Compose to Share from Anywhere

Once Compose is enabled, individuals in the Reader role can share articles from Compose through the Bambu Chrome Extension. Rather than posting natively or through a social share button on a website – selecting the Bambu Chrome Extension saves time and enables individuals to measure the performance of their posts through Personal Stats. This immediate action introduces the feature in a workflow already top of mind for your team.

Inform Curation Strategy with Suggestions

For Admins, Compose provides another opportunity to encourage individuals to participate in your advocacy program. Along with providing your team with a place to share social content, you can utilize Compose to gather Suggestions from your team. When writing a message to share from Compose, the option to submit the URL as a Suggestion to Bambu will appear if Suggestions are enabled.

Providing teams with an easy way to submit relevant content helps to enhance your curation strategy with content suggestions direct from the employees that use Bambu.

Getting Started with Compose

To kickstart sharing from Compose, head to Company Settings > Enable Compose. Once enabled, all roles will see the Compose button alongside their current feed of content.

Boost Your Employee Advocacy Efforts

Organizations of all shapes and sizes use Bambu to support their content marketing efforts, extend their brand reach on social and better engage their employees with relevant and compelling stories for both internal and external distribution. Empowering teams to share and schedule more content from Bambu encourages regular participation in your advocacy efforts. To learn more, request a demo to see how Bambu can help your organization.

Stay tuned for more updates from Bambu.