Finding exciting and relevant content for an advocacy program is no easy task. It’s a strategic process that only gets harder as the internet becomes noisier with new content published and new websites created every day. There are tools out there that help make this easier (e.g. RSS feeds), but nothing that allows for easy distribution of that content to others.

For most organizations these days, sourcing content is a very manual and multi-step process. Some set up RSS feeds through tools like Feedly, while some set up Google Alerts with an established set of brand or industry related keywords to find content that resonates with their advocates. Then, distribution happens through carefully crafted emails (with links), a corporate intranet or other cumbersome content distribution methods.

This can get exhausting.

What we need is a way to connect your advocates to a variety of content types and sources in a seamless way. This will make your advocacy program, your curators and your advocates more powerful than ever.

Today we’re thrilled to announce our integration with Zapier. This integration will allow you to source content with minimal effort in order to connect your advocates to the content that’s most important and relevant to them.

Zapier Makes Content Automation a Reality

Zapier is a platform that allows applications to easily communicate with each other so you can get the most out the tools you use on a regular basis.

Through Zapier, Bambu can now connect to over 500+ apps and content sources supported in the Zapier app directory, making your life that much easier.

Learn more about our integration with Zapier here.

Connect Your Advocates to Limitless Sources of Content

With Bambu’s new integration with Zapier, we’ve created a new feature we call Sources. This allows content curators to automatically add content to Bambu from external sources such as websites, RSS feeds, social profiles, Feedly and more for a much easier curation and distribution process.

This is an extremely powerful tool for organizations looking to:

  • Source content from relevant external websites (blogs, news, media, etc.)
  • Source content from their company internet properties via RSS feeds.
  • Source content from their Feedly subscriptions.
  • Automatically add messages published to their brand’s social profiles.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Content Curation Gets Easier

Bambu already provides you with powerful tools that make curating content a breeze. Our Chrome extension allows for easy story curation when browsing the web, while our Original Stories feature gives you the power to create original content in Bambu quickly.

With content automation through Sources, curating content for your advocates gets even easier. Content is now automatically inserted into Bambu for you to curate as you feel the need.

Promote, schedule or dismiss, all of your content is now housed within Bambu for you to do as you see fit.

Scouring the web for new and interesting content is a thing of the past thanks to Zapier.

What’s Next?

We are always working hard to ensure that your organization can provide content to your advocates in an efficient and easy way.

With Zapier, we’ve made it easier for you to connect to more content sources and applications in Bambu than ever before. Expect more to be built onto this feature and additional ways for you to get content in and out of Bambu.

Stay tuned for additional updates to this integration.

To learn more about our new content curation-focused features and how they can benefit your organization, request a demo today.