Bambu’s user report and content report have received major upgrades to include a wealth of new data. These enhancements make tracking and segmenting performance across your advocacy program easier than ever.

Improve Employee Participation With the New User Report

An advocacy program cannot be successful without completely understanding the behavior of its participants. The new user report now gives you detailed insights about individual member performance and social reach impact.

With this data you can understand where to effectively target your content as well as understand where participation can be improved. From there, you can;

  • Expand and improve program adoption
  • Recognize and reward top performing advocates
  • Optimize team targeting and structure

What’s New?

With these new user report enhancements, you can now quickly view the top performing employees within your organization by total number of shares and overall reach by individual network (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter).

User Activity Overview – Quickly see a performance overview of the users in your advocacy program by seeing percentage of active users, number of shared stories and average shares per user.

Team Breakdown – See the individual activity of each of your teams by seeing shares and impressions per team.

Individual Breakdown – Get an individual user breakdown so you can see how many shares and impressions per network a team member has generated over a chosen period of time.

Identify those who haven’t been engaging and identify opportunities to encourage employee participation by looking at total number of shares.

Increase Employee Engagement With the New Content Report

The content report gives you insight into which pieces of content are being viewed, shared the most and having the most impact on impact on your overall social reach.

This type of data can help to optimize and enhance your organization’s overall content strategy. By understanding the performance of the content you’re providing your advocates, you can ensure that quality & engaging content is always available to them. From there, you can:

  • Ensure program success
  • Cultivate engaged and happy employees
  • Hit key performance indicators

What’s New?

New user report enhancements include metrics that give an improved understanding of what types of content is resonating across your organization by views, shares & impressions per social network.

Active Content Breakdown – Quickly see content performance over time to understand when content had the most impact for deeper analysis.

Active Story Metrics – Understand the amount of content you’ve curated over a specific period of time to understand if your efforts are translating into engagement and advocacy.

Shareable Content Breakdown – Quickly gain deeper understanding an individual piece of content has performed by seeing the total shares and impressions across social networks, who shared it and which teams shared it the most.

Additionally, you can now see the total number of views a story had to truly understand if your content is keeping your advocates informed.

Internal Content Breakdown – Similar to the content breakdown, admin’s now have the ability to see how many times an internal story was viewed. Especially important for those internal messages that must be read across the organization.

What’s Next?

We always work our hardest to ensure you understand the performance of your advocacy program.

We will continue to enhance Bambu so that your advocacy program needs are met and improved on a daily basis.

To learn more about our feature enhancements and how they can benefit your organization, request a demo today.