Every organization has important messages that need to be communicated internally on a very regular basis. The impact and relevance of these messages span your entire employee base. Types of messages include;

  • Internal policies & corporate guidelines
  • Benefits & comp policies
  • Key messaging for products & services
  • Training documentation
  • Industry news & trends
  • Internal initiatives

The struggle is how much effort it takes to create the content for those messages and ensure that they are distributed effectively and efficiently. Currently, the way teams communicate important internal messages is disjointed and done through a variety of internal channels.

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Corporate intranet
  • Conference calls
  • Team meetings
  • Memos

It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Easily communicate internal information to your team

With our new Original Stories feature, organizations can quickly and easily create unique & original content and distribute it to their employees directly in Bambu. No longer are your internal messages restricted by content that is housed somewhere else on the web.

Our rich-text editor makes it incredibly easy for the curator to create beautiful pieces of content formatted exactly the way they want, including the rich media that will make their content even more engaging.

This becomes incredibly useful for individual departments that need to communicate important messages to specific teams.

  • Marketing can quickly announce upcoming events and important campaigns to be aware of.
  • HR can easily communicate new benefits and wages or corporate guidelines.
  • Sales can draft internal memo’s about new sales processes, significant “win” info, or performance trends.

We want to ensure that the way you communicate important messages with your team is getting easier and they have a source that they can rely on for company information.

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