We’ve recently rolled out features that help program admins target and customize their organization’s experience inside Bambu. These updates enable teams to streamline the content delivered to them to ensure each visit is tailored to content that matters the most.

Target Newsletters to Specific Teams

Admins and Managers can now target specific teams when sending Newsletters. The option to select team recipients allows you to build a list of Stories available to the targeted team. This ensures that teams are receiving relevant, focused content to read and share from Bambu.

Getting Started with Targeted Newsletters

  • From the Send a Newsletter screen, enter the team names you’d like to target in the Teams field to see Stories targeted to them.
  • From there, add Stories and select Send Newsletter.

Customize Push Notifications for Stories

Admins and Managers can now edit the text inside a Broadcast Push Notification. Customizing push notifications ensures teams receive enough context on-the-go so they can read and share directly from the app.

Getting Started with Custom Push Notifications

  • From the Story modal, select Broadcast from the menu.
  • Inside the Broadcast screen, you will see an option to select Mobile Push Notification.
  • Upon selecting, you can add your own text or select from any default post text for that Story.
  • Before you send, you will see the number of users that the message will be sent to.
  • Once ready, select Send Broadcast.

Connect both a Facebook Page and a Personal Profile

In addition, users inside Bambu can connect both a Facebook Page and Personal Profile to their accounts so they can easily share to both accounts. From the Personal Settings screen, there is now an option to connect both a Facebook Page and a Personal Profile.

Employee Advocacy Efforts Streamlined

Organizations use Bambu to support their content marketing efforts and amplify their reach on social—both of which are enhanced with a personalized user experience. To learn more, request a demo to see how Bambu can boost your organization’s employee advocacy efforts.

Stay tuned for more updates inside Bambu.