Engaging individuals regularly in your employee advocacy program is pivotal to its success. In fact, reports show that 60 percent of companies credit their active advocacy programs with attracting new business. To keep employees engaged and active in your program, curating great content and sending emails to draw your team in isn’t enough. Measuring the effectiveness of these tactics provides the insight you need to increase and optimize engagement, which can ultimately lead to more business.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the Distribution Report – the newest addition to the Bambu reporting suite. This report empowers program admins to go beyond social by analyzing data to uncover the effectiveness of email distribution within your advocacy program and how that impacts engagement. The Distribution Report displays open, click and social share data for emails – and the content therein – sent from Bambu.

What’s Included in the Distribution Report?

The Distribution Report includes data on the following:

  • Email open rate and click rate as well as social share rate of the content within
  • Which email type resulted in the most social shares
  • Breakdown of which Stories within each email received clicks
  • A granular view of the data available inside a CSV export for further analysis

Use Data to Inform Your Communication Plan

The Distribution Report unlocks findings around which email types are most compelling to your team— and which ones ultimately lead to shares on your employees’ social networks. Admins and Managers can use this data to effectively demonstrate how email supports advocacy efforts and make more informed decisions around their content distribution strategy.

Pair the Content & Distribution Reports for Deeper Analysis

When analyzing the Content Report for Shares, Engagements and Potential Reach on Stories shared from Bambu, you’ll understand how content is resonating across your organization. To hone in on if email strategies are an effective way to engage your Team and empower them to share, turn to the Distribution Report to review how email performance impacts those efforts. This report enables you to iterate on distribution tactics with insights into which email types perform best.

Getting Started with the Distribution Report

Admins and Managers can view this report by selecting Distribution Report from the Reports menu. From there, select a date range and view open, click and share rate data on Digest, Newsletter and Broadcast emails inside Metrics Overview and Email Story Shares. Analyze deeper with the Email Breakdown section to view Story-level open and click rates on Newsletter and Broadcast emails.

Go Beyond Social with Reporting from Bambu

Bambu’s reporting suite equips advocacy program managers with insight into which pieces of content are resonating with employees and their networks. The Distribution Report goes beyond social and provides data into how engaged your employees truly are in your advocacy program. To learn more, request a demo to see how Bambu can boost your organization’s employee advocacy efforts.

Stay tuned for more updates from Bambu.