An effective advocacy program starts with relevant and engaging content. But the content itself isn’t enough. Empowering individuals to easily discover stories and personalize their content experience is paramount to driving and maintaining engagement with your program.

Until this point, Admins not only controlled the content that goes into Bambu, but also which stories specifically enter individuals’ feeds. However, a common request we’ve heard from individuals is that they want the ability to personalize their feeds by opting-in to specific types of content. Enter: Topics.

Starting today, individuals in Bambu can now follow and unfollow Topics—enabling employees in all roles to opt-in to collections of Stories grouped by an Admin. So while Admins still control the content that enters their advocacy program, individuals have the autonomy to personalize their feed leading to more engaged employees that feel more personally connected to the advocacy program and its success.

Make Content Discoverable Across Teams

Employees can select the Explore feed to view Topics created by their program admin. They can then choose to follow and unfollow Topic areas based off what is most important and relevant to their interests. Once they start to follow a Topic, they will see all content that is applied to this Topic in their Feed.

For content that may be applicable to more than one Topic, curators may want to increase visibility. Ensure Stories are easily discoverable organization-wide by applying them to multiple Topics when relevant. Up to three Topics can be added to a Story to ensure content is reaching the widest net of employees possible.

In addition, Admins and Managers can now experience Bambu like the rest of their teams with the new For You feed. The For You feed displays only the Topics Admins and Managers choose to follow, providing them their own personalized experience. While all the existing Stories feeds (i.e. Current, Upcoming, Past, etc.) continue to give Admins complete visibility into the content in their program.

Expedite Onboarding of New Hires and Teams

Inviting new hires and teams into an advocacy program can be time-consuming. With Topics, program admins can save time and empower individuals to self-select Topics pertinent to them during onboarding. This ensures admins do not need to reinvent the wheel with each new hire, and individuals can personalize their feeds from day one.

Require Must-Haves and Keep Confidential Content Restricted

Required Topics can be applied to make sure some content cannot be unfollowed. With Required Topics, you can prioritize what is most important and ensure all members of your organization see these Stories in their feed. Up to two Required Topics are allowed.

Building off of Bambu’s Teams structure – which enables Admins to organize employees into groups to view specific content – Topics can be used in conjunction with Teams to target and restrict content visibility.

Safeguarding Team content through Topics empowers program admins to continue to share private, team-specific information in their advocacy program without the fear of it being seen by other teams.

Analyze & Measure Topic Performance in the Content Report

Not only does Topics give Admins a new way to organize content making it more discoverable, but it also introduces a new dimension to analyze content performance. Admins and Managers can filter by Topic in the Content Report to discover which Topics are receiving the highest amounts of engagement. Export and view what Topics are applied to a Story in the Content Report CSV.

Getting Started with Topics

To get started with setting up Topics, and Admin can select Company Settings > Topics. You can then create new Topics by selecting

If you want a Topic to be restricted to a specific Team, select Restrict Visibility and enter the Team name.

To edit an existing Topic, select Edit Topic. You can then edit Teams the Topic is restricted to, the Topic name and the Description.

For a sample of what the Topics experience will look like, head to the For You option at the bottom of the left hand menu. This is only visible to Admins and Managers.

To measure Topics inside Bambu’s reports, head to the Content Report and Filter by Topic.

Personalized Advocacy, Powered by Bambu

Companies trust Bambu to help amplify their social messages and extend their social reach. Topics and Compose empower all members of your organization to personalize and tailor their advocacy experience to content they feel best fits their needs. To learn more about Bambu, request a demo today. Stay tuned for more updates to Bambu.