Employees that share content to a Facebook Page know that it’s important to keep your audience up-to-date with the latest news, brand content and job posts.

Bambu by Sprout Social knows this and is committed to supporting the platforms where people engage with their audiences the most. That’s why now, in addition to your personal page, you can connect your professional Facebook Page to Bambu to ensure that content reaches the correct audience.

This provides much needed flexibility and more precise targeting when employees want to communicate about their organization or industry.

How Facebook Pages Can Be Used

For example, a real estate broker uses a Facebook Page to communicate with their community. Their company uses Bambu to distribute interesting and relevant content about the brand and real estate market for them to share with their community on Facebook.

It’s that simple.

Now, the broker can read and learn about interesting content that her company wants to distribute to all brokers and she can then choose to share the pieces of content that she thinks will be interesting for her community on Faceboo

It also allows for much easier distribution of company content to Facebook Page admins within your organization for quick and timely sharing.

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