Are you looking to give people on your team the ability to curate content from around the web, but still want to be able to approve their contributions?

Maybe your company wants more employees to participate in suggesting content that should be shared internally and by employees on social media.

We’ve added two new roles to Bambu that make it even easier for teams of varying size, structure and strategy to implement and execute a social media advocacy program.

More Organized Content Curation & Distribution

Contributors—whether junior employees needing approval or a broader set of employees submitting ideas to the curation team—can simply add content to be reviewed and potentially turned into posts for all employees to share on social media.

Managers can both curate and add content as well as turn drafts from contributors into shareable posts, ensuring that all content is on-brand and fits with their content strategy.

With this update, new users can participate as Readers, Contributors, Managers or Admins.

  • Reader: can read and share content
  • Contributor: can read, draft and share content
  • Manager: can draft, add and share content
  • Admin: can manage account, add users, draft, add and share stories

Additionally, whenever a Manager or Admin is moderating content that someone else has drafted, they can now choose to either be listed as the curator or leave the original drafter as the curator—making sure that the appropriate voice is included with each piece of content.

Powerful Content Curation

With this update, teams can ensure their employees can contribute and have access to relevant brand-related content by organizing individuals into their appropriate roles. Powerful content curation tools and seamless distribution of approved content make your employee advocacy program that much more effective.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or feedback.