The most successful employee advocacy programs require more than just the right tools—they require the knowledge to execute an effective strategy. To help employers craft a more holistic approach to advocacy and engagement, we’ve created a variety of free and informational guides.

Employee and Customer Advocacy Services for Every Agency

According to recent research from Aberdeen Group, advocacy is a direct product of an engaged workforce. Best in class companies realize the benefits of employee advocacy only if they've built an environment that fosters employee engagement through communication, professional development, and empowerment to make an impact. Read More

Fueling Your Franchise: Employee Advocacy in Real Estate

It might not seem like much, but your employees have an average of 846 social connections. By utilizing them, your organization can improve its social reach by 561% and garner eight times as much social engagement than your brand channel alone. This makes real estate organizations with tens of thousands of employees a well-suited industry to implement an employee advocacy program. Read More

Communicating the Success of your Employee Advocacy Program

You can measure the success of an employee advocacy program in several ways—from impacting brand awareness to supporting demand-generation to bolstering hiring through employee referrals. Any way you slice it, it's important to get that good news in front of your executive team, connecting your efforts directly back to the organization's overarching business objectives. Read More

Amplify your Brand Reach with Employee Reach

If you're thinking about or have already started an employee advocacy program, then there is no doubt that you've heard a lot about the so-called "impact of your employees on your marketing efforts." What exactly does this mean, and how can you use that to your advantage when seeking to prove the success of your employee advocacy program? Read More