Keeping employees engaged in an advocacy program is crucial to its success. Reports show that employees of social engaged companies are more likely to stay at their company, feel optimistic about their company’s future and believe their company is more competitive.

Often times, employees are left in the dark on how their individual employee advocacy efforts stack up against the rest of the team, and whether or not they’re truly making an impact. A simple way to provide this level of transparency to employees is to show them how their efforts translate through data.

Today, we are excited to introduce two new ways to encourage adoption inside Bambu:

  1. Enhancements to Leaderboards
  2. Personal Stats

These features harness the power of share data to motivate teams to understand their impact and what resonates best on their own social networks.

Track Team Success with Leaderboards

Surfacing share metrics with Leaderboards motivates and encourages employees to stay active in their organization’s advocacy program. With the addition of viewing a Leaderboard scoped by Team, individuals now have visibility into their impact at the team level, as well as organization-wide.

Leaderboards show the Top 25 users inside Bambu and the amount of Stories they have shared, across the entire program as well as by Team. To get started, Leaderboards must be turned on by an Admin inside Bambu.

Getting Started with Leaderboards

  1. From the Company Settings screen, toggle Enable Leaderboards to On.
  2. Once enabled, a Leaderboard tab will appear inside Personal Settings for your team to view.
  3. Individuals can drill down inside Leaderboards by selecting a specific Team from the All Teams dropdown.


Metrics for Everyone with Personal Stats

Previously, Admins were the only role inside Bambu that had access to share metrics. In an effort to encourage everyone to measure their success and improve their social strategy, we have surfaced these metrics for all users through Personal Stats.

Personal Stats bring the power of Bambu reporting to each individual user. Metrics shared inside Personal Stats include:

  • Personal shares for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Engagements for Twitter and Facebook
  • Clicks

By surfacing individual user metrics, employees across the organization can see the impact of their social efforts. They can then make more informed decisions on the what kind of content they share to those networks based on historical performance.

Getting Started with Personal Stats

  1. From the Personal Settings Screen, select the Stats tab.
  2. Individuals can view stats from Stories they have shared from this screen.

Accountability Across Your Team

Extending metric visibility to the entire team and encouraging your team to see how they stack up empowers program admins to motivate individuals. This makes accountability a team effort and encourages habitual use of Bambu to share what matters most on a regular basis.

Brand Amplification through Employee Advocacy

Organizations use Bambu to amplify their brand and extend their reach on social. To learn more, request a demo to see how Bambu can boost your organization’s employee advocacy efforts.

Stay tuned for more updates inside Bambu.