UPDATED 1.17.18

Corporate email newsletters can be a tedious chore to put together, but it’s an efficient way to get your messages distributed to your entire workforce.

Now, the Bambu platform takes the hard work out of newsletter creation with a beautifully designed newsletter that’s available at the push of a button.

Easy On-Demand Email Newsletters

In addition to existing Bambu email digests, you can now distribute an email newsletter to your entire workforce almost instantly. This gives your team the flexibility to engage with timely relevant content that matters to your business.

This new feature is a an easier way to get your most important messages to your organization and allows you to:

    • Generate a beautifully designed email newsletter with the content of your choice.
    • Drag and drop content to reorder them in any way you see fit.
    • Send yourself a preview to ensure everything looks the way you want it to.
    • Target a newsletter send to a specific team or teams.

Bambu allows organizations to centralize and distribute important business and industry relevant content while cultivating employee engagement and advocacy. With Bambu’s email capabilities, you can ensure that information reaches your team in an organized & timely fashion.

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