Compelling visual content in social is more important than ever. In many cases, sharing a photo is a more effective way to communicate than a text-based status update or even sharing a link. Marketers, recruiters and communications specialists alike can use social images to promote a product, demonstrate company culture or simply share a company update with members of their own team. What’s more, user-generated content (also known as UGC) is a great way to encourage employees to stay engaged with the company and it’s varied initiatives particularly–especially as a part of a larger employee advocacy program.

Today, we’re excited to announce that users can now create Photo Stories inside Bambu! The Photo Stories feature enables Curators to curate great visual content and empowers teams to easily share on-brand, carefully selected images to Facebook and Twitter.

Give a Glimpse into the Day to Day

Help foster recruiting efforts by empowering your team to share a peek into your workplace culture. With Photo Stories, your team can provide a glimpse into office life with their networks demonstrating to potential candidates how your organization operates. Showing true, authentic images from your team can help candidates relate to what life might be like if they worked for your brand.

Share Successful Events in Real Time

Snapping a photo and curating it to Bambu during a live event ensures your team can share content in a timely manner. Whether your organization is hosting an industry event or attending a professional conference, employees can use Photo Stories to curate great photos to share in-the-moment updates in real time. Photo Stories can also be curated internally to share the moment with just your team.

Celebrate Company Initiatives

In addition to sharing events, teams can also celebrate company initiatives through Photo Stories. Sharing photos from service days, out of office trips or internal events, like a lunch-and-learn, is another opportunity to promote visual content both to your entire staff and to their social channels.

Get Started Sharing Photo Stories

To start curating Photo Stories inside Bambu, click the Add a Story button and select Upload Photo.

From there, select which networks you’d like to share to. You can currently share Photo Stories to Facebook, Twitter, and as Internal Stories to your team. Readers will see Photo Stories alongside other Story types in their Bambu feed.

Curate & Share Visual Content Through Bambu

Bambu by Sprout Social enables organizations to promote UGC through curating and sharing Facebook and Twitter Photo Stories to social networks. To learn more, request a demo to see how Bambu can boost your organization’s employee advocacy and internal communication efforts through visual content.

Stay tuned for more updates inside Bambu.