When sharing posts on social media, including a photo remains a key factor for increasing engagement. In fact, Twitter reports that Tweets with photos on average receive a 35% boost in Retweets. Now is the time to curate more photos inside your employee advocacy strategy so your team can share with their social networks. A great way to generate photo content is to tap into your employees and the photos they are taking every day to capture events, company culture or to showcase their work and professional experiences.

Today, we are excited to announce Photo Suggestions: a way to leverage the full value of your team and crowdsource your content. An enhancement to the Suggestions feature, Photo Suggestions enable individuals to submit photos to Bambu to showcase the work they are doing. From documenting participation at events to capturing company moments, employees can suggest a photo from the Bambu iOS and Android apps and submit to a Manager for approval.

Showcase Company Culture and Project Success in Real-Time

For teams that host events, attend trade shows and work at job sites away from company headquarters, utilizing the new Photo Suggestions feature ensures they can send relevant photo content the moment it’s captured.

Promoting an authentic company culture across social media boosts both recruiting and social selling efforts. Using Photo Suggestions, teams can submit user-generated content (UGC) into Bambu for their teams to share with their networks. These photos help to highlight an authentic look at a company – from both a recruiting and sales perspective.

In addition, companies that have job sites and projects around the world can benefit from Photo Suggestions. Project managers and plant owners can take photos of progress and milestones and submit to Bambu right from their phone.

This enhancement provides another opportunity for members of your team to get involved with advocacy efforts, taking advocacy on-the-go and submitting photos directly from their own device.

Getting Started with Photo Suggestions

To get your team using Photo Suggestions, make sure the Suggestions feature is enabled inside Company Settings. Individuals can submit photos by tapping the camera icon inside Bambu’s iOS or Android apps and selecting or taking a photo to submit. There is an optional field to add a description if they would like to add context to their Suggestion.

From the Suggestions tab in the Bambu desktop app, Managers can decide to approve or reject the Suggestion. Here’s how:

  • To approve, a Manager can edit the Story and curate.
  • To reject, a Manager can delete the Suggestion.
  • To provide feedback prior to deleting a suggestion, a Manager can click the person’s name and send them an email directly.

Employee Advocacy Efforts Streamlined

Organizations of all shapes and sizes use Bambu to support their content marketing efforts, extend their brand reach on social and better engage their employees with relevant and compelling stories for both internal and external distribution. Enabling Readers to suggest content for curation inside Bambu helps to increase those efforts. To learn more, request a demo to see how Bambu can boost your organization’s employee advocacy efforts.

Stay tuned for more updates inside Bambu.