At Sprout Social, we’re continuously updating and improving our platforms to better suit the needs of our customers. Sometimes we make bigger announcements about product updates, while some fly under the radar.

The past few months we’ve made significant enhancements to Bambu that didn’t receive formal announcements. Here we have a few of those enhancements.

Export to CSV

Analytics and reporting are crucial components of your advocacy program. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to look at your data in ways that make your job easier.

Now, users can quickly export Content & User report data out of Bambu into a CSV file for larger data analyzation.

Have the flexibility to transfer Bambu Content & User report data into a spreadsheet for personalized reporting.

Email Enhancements

Getting your employees to adopt a new piece of technology can be tough. Especially ones that require full participation across the entire organization or large group of employees.

The process of deciding on one isn’t easy either. Your leadership team will go through many steps to research, vette and select a tool that they believe is going to be a major benefit to your company’s mission.

So how do you communicate the importance that to your employees without sacrificing engagement and trust?

We’ve introduced some new enhancements to our user invitations that will help to address all of these issues.
Personalize User Invitations

These new enhancements will allow your organization to personalize email invitations to Bambu to give them better context as to why they should sign-up and participate.

In addition to personalization, you can now white label your email invitations with company branding to ensure that your employees feel comfortable accepting an invitation to this new piece of technology.

User Invitation Reminders

An additional enhancement we’ve made to user invitations is the ability to send follow-up invitations.

Now, if an employee does not accept their initial email invitation, they will receive follow-up reminders to encourage more timely adoption and ensure that invitees sign-up.

What’s Next?

We want to make sure you’re being given the tools to make advocacy easier to administer within your organization.

We will continue to enhance Bambu so that your advocacy needs are met and ultimately exceeded on a daily basis.

To learn more about our feature enhancements and how they can benefit your organization, request a demo today.