As the Digital Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® and nearly 10 years of experience, Kevin Juliano is an integral component to the team’s real estate marketing strategy. Kevin works on a daily basis to engage with 30,000+ Realtor® members via the company website, social media and targeted email campaigns.

Kevin’s primary approach to engaging this audience is though content for members to share on their own central thought leadership hub, alongside evergreen articles from content partners and news articles on current trends and industry updates.

Kevin works with members across multiple generations, but focuses his advocacy efforts on association staff and leadership. Learn more about how Kevin manages different communication styles among a cross-generational workforce and utilizes digital tools across the board.

Who are the primary users of Bambu, and what goals are you trying to achieve with the platform?

The main users within Bambu are association staff and leadership. Our primary goals with the platform, and real estate marketing strategy as a whole, is to position our team as industry thought leaders—ultimately helping to increase the association’s reach. Their connections may be viewing PARealtor content for the first time and there’s a great deal of value in using those connections to help expand the association’s influence.

By having our thought leaders use Bambu, we’re able to use their sphere of influence to expand the reach of our content and bring other Realtor® members into the fold.

What are some of the challenges of working in a multi-generational workforce?

One of the biggest challenges present in today’s multi-generation workforce is communication. Baby-Boomers and Millennials especially often have different assumptions when it comes to communication.

To help mitigate this disconnect, we’ve worked hard to set expectations for everyone involved helps to alleviate miscommunication down the road. In the end, we are all on the same team and if we work against each other, we all fail.

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Is there a difference in how your different generations use different platforms or consume media?

Our 30-person staff crosses every generation just like our 30,000 members. Many like to overshare while others keep things close to the vest. There isn’t a right answer and everyone has his or her own style and brings important perspective to the table.

The advent of the smartphone has changed the way everyone consumes content. We’re constantly considering how emails, webpages and social content renders on mobile. With over 50% of our traffic coming from mobile, it’s important to be thinking about our visitors.

How do you overcome these previously named challenges? Do the technologies you implement fit into that solution?

Advancement in technologies have been beneficial, but also challenging for our cross-generational team. Vetting ideas in person and sharing expectations up front can help keep everyone on the same page during a planning in period.

Having appropriate communication tools in place can help keep employees on track and hold everyone accountable. Using tools like email, project timelines and Bambu allow us to share information in a timely manner and stay on track.

What are some of the benefits of an using an advocacy platform in your real estate marketing strategy?

Bambu has been a lifesaver for us. Our users have added content sharing to their daily workflows. Our daily email digest helps to remind some users to log in to the platform and share content. Bambu’s mobile app helps others share content in the morning as they are getting ready or while they are on the go outside of the office. The platform has helped when we need to push an urgent message or important campaign element. We’ve used push notifications for the app and instant email alerts are welcome additions to the communication team’s workflow.

What are some things to consider when getting buy-in for an advocacy program?

When thinking about implementing an advocacy program, you need to consider the end-user. How will the process flow of using the program/platform fit into their schedule? Will it become part of their daily ritual?

Establishing the baseline expectations of what the program is intended to accomplish and how it benefits the end-user builds buy-in. We want our users to be thought-leaders. Helping them find and share content that amplifies the organization’s message and goals puts them at the forefront of the conversation.