Content is the lifeblood of any successful advocacy program. However, not just any content will do. To inspire engagement and participation, it’s imperative that you find the right content for employees to read and share. With the Zapier integration, curators inside Bambu can easily find relevant content from across the web and send it directly to the Sources feed. Curating a mix of branded and third party content through Sources ensures teams are sharing a well rounded mix of articles and information with their networks.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new Source to compliment our existing Zapier integration—one that is familiar to many of our customers and will make their lives easier: Sprout Social. With Send to Bambu, social media managers working in Sprout Social and Bambu can easily send content from Sprout to Bambu in two unique ways. In Sprout’s Calendar view and Content Suggestions, the Send to Bambu option is available to seamlessly send content over for curation.  

Elevate Brand Messages Through Your People

Once content has been sent to the Bambu Sources feed from Sprout, social media managers can select either the social message or the article link within the post to curate. By curating the full social post, you are tapping into the opportunity to amplify your brand’s social message. When curating just the link, you are empowering your team to add their own voice and context to the message. Both options serve as an opportunity to elevate brand messages to a wider audience.

Explore and Identify Third Party Content

Now you can send interesting articles directly to the Bambu Sources feed from Sprout’s Content Suggestions engine within the publishing suite. Content Suggestions enable you to to see a feed of links shared across the social web from a wide variety of sources. Instead of hunting through numerous sites to source content, you can quickly find up-to-date content that’s pre-categorized by Sprout’s data science team for easy curation into Bambu. This opens up a new stream of third party content to ensure feeds are never empty and your organization sees a steady flow of relevant content inside Bambu.

Expand Your Social Reach Through Your People

The latest update to Bambu Sources empowers curators to expand the amount of relevant content they are sharing with their teams. This update follows Topics and Compose, two features that empower employees to find and share the content that is most important to them.

If you’re already using Sprout Social and Bambu side-by-side, look for this latest feature inside Sprout’s publishing suite. To learn more about Sprout Social, reach out to your account manager today!

Stay tuned for more updates to Bambu.