It’s important to be able to update your organization with important content related to your company through the channels where they communicate on a regular basis. With more and more organizations using chat as a way to collaborate and communicate in real-time with teams internally, you want to be able to seamlessly distribute content without disrupting their main communication channel–helping to engage your employees while bolstering your advocacy efforts.

Slack is an increasingly popular messaging app within organizations these days and we’re thrilled to announce our two-way integration with the messaging platform.

Now, organizations can connect their company’s Slack account directly to Bambu. Then, content managers can choose to broadcast specific content from Bambu directly into an existing channel in Slack.

This becomes incredibly useful for when your organization wants to:

  • Drop important and timely industry news into one of your organization’s product or sales channels.
  • Announce product enhancements to the entire team and encourage immediate social sharing.
  • Broadcast important internal communications.

In addition to distributing your organization’s content directly into Slack, users in Slack will now be able to take advantage of the new /bambu Slash Command to list the most recent content from Bambu.

We’re committed to integrating with the tools that make communicating your brand’s most engaging and important content with your organization even easier.

To learn more about our Slack integration and how it can benefit your organization, request a demo below. To get the latest news on future product updates, feature announcements & integrations, be sure to also sign up for our email newsletter below.