Establishing a strong social media presence for any company isn’t easy. It takes time to establish credibility, develop content and attract (not to mention, engage) your audience. From there, it takes even more internal dedication to sustain that forward momentum over time.

Now, let’s add in the element of compliance.

Any company operating under industry regulations understands the added layer of complexity, both internally and externally. These guidelines can’t be ignored, and as a result, cause employers to avoid anything that might subject them to infraction.

How to Avoid Compliance Crackdowns With Better Defined Internal Comms

Learn how to create a social media policy that enables companies, regardless of their industry, to reap the benefits of employee advocacy.


Business processes should never be driven by fear – in fact, this usually ends up having the opposite effect than was intended. The compliance component needs to be proactively addressed. It should be at the core of your social media policy and fueling your growth, instead of being something that stifles it.

In the SlideShare below, we’ll outline strategies for approaching social media with a compliance-first mindset, arming you with the tools you need to use industry regulations to work for you, not against you.

Everyone – from prospects to employees to customers – is using social media. It’s an avenue that’s only gaining more traction in the business realm, and will continue to do so as new generations enter the workforce.

In other words, all that comes from ignoring social media is a lack of transparency and control.

Given that social media can be a main contributor to company success, it’s important for employers to find ways to proactively integrate it into their processes. Take compliance into your hands and start using it to your advantage.