Employees who promote and identify with their company brand—both on and offline—are the best indicators of success when looking at engagement and communication levels. After all, an engaged workforce means employees are invested in you on a personal level, and they want to share that with peers in their network.

This is invaluable for an employer.

Whether it’s in your personal network or your professional network, seeing someone advocate for their employer is magnetizing. People trust the messages and opinions of people within their networks, which makes this an extremely powerful force for companies to tap into. Activating high levels of engagement within your workforce is critical, but what’s the best way to do that? How do employers turn employees into their biggest advocates?

The first step is bringing them into the conversation.

By answering simple questions, like “Where are we going?” and “How can your role help us get there?” employees will connect on a more personal level to their company’s mission, and as a result, become invested in its overall success.

In the SlideShare below, we’ll outline strategies for building strong levels of engagement within your workforce that will increase satisfaction and productivity. If you want to learn even more, check out our webinar diving further into each strategy.

Whether your main goal is to boost team passion and productivity, or you’re looking for a more seamless way to distribute content to all levels of the organization, a defined process (and the technology needed to support that process) is critical for success.

In an environment where social media is the main vehicle for distributing and accessing news, it’s increasingly important for employers to find ways to integrate it into their business processes. Activating the potential levels of employee engagement is the perfect place to start.