How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Employee Advocacy Platform

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In its simplest form, content strategy is understanding what your audience will find valuable, then delivering that to them in a way that moves them toward a business outcome.

In today’s webinar, your employees are that audience, and the business outcome is the one you set for your employee advocacy program.

Suffice it to say, your employee advocacy program needs a solid content strategy. A content strategy that all your employees can find valuable on a personal level. A content strategy that encourages participation and habit as a result of that value.

Among other things, this webinar will show you how to create that value:

  1. Identify all the different sources of content you can use in your employee advocacy program.
  2. Segment your content and your employees so they always see content that’s most relevant to them.
  3. Create the right mix of content that stays fresh and engaging for your employees.
  4. Streamline your content curation efforts with suggested workflows and automations.

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