How to Master the Art & Science of Social Selling

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Over 75% of sales reps equipped with proper social selling tools outperform their peers. It’s clear that there’s a new norm for how consumers buy, and it’s critical for businesses to adapt accordingly in the way they sell.

But how do you execute a successful social selling strategy long-term?

Jill Rowley, an expert in the social selling space, is partnering with Bambu to provide valuable insight into how your team can master the art & science of social selling. From C-Suite executives to Entry-Level reps, it’s paramount for the entire organization to be aligned and understand the foundation this new way of selling is built upon. Throughout our conversation, you’ll learn:

  • How the landscape of social selling has evolved from its “1.0” origins to today’s “2.0” strategy
  • Key steps required in leveraging this approach at a cross-departmental level
  • Ways to effectively target buyers, develop valuable relationships and gain authentic exposure to new audiences at scale

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