Protecting Your Company From FTC Crackdowns Using Internal Comms


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Webinar Details

Navigating compliance issues with the FTC can be a big challenge for organizations that want to implement an employee advocacy program. However, with a defined strategy and the right resources in place, any company—regardless of regulatory restrictions—can reap the benefits of a program that enables employees to act as your social advocates, all while remaining within the legal guidelines.

In this WOMMA + Bambu webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • How employee advocacy can thrive in regulated industries
  • Updated regulations & standards for organizations including the FTC, FINRA, SEC and more
  • Tactical ways for navigating compliance issues on social media

The Presenters

Greg Tirico

Director of Solution Engineering & Services
Bambu by Sprout Social

Greg leads the Solution Engineering & Services team at Bambu by Sprout Social. He has spent the majority of his career leading digital marketing initiatives in Fortune 500 organizations. When not espousing the benefits of employee advocacy, he can be found searching for the perfect Pinot Noir. @GregTirico

Tom Chernaik


Tom Chernaik has worked with leading brands focusing on innovation and insight in marketing, law, social media, privacy and big data. With a vision for addressing marketer concerns regarding compliance, Tom launched CommandPost into the world’s leading social media disclosure solution. @commandpost