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Improve employee engagement and social recruiting.

Bambu helps you increase the reach and effectiveness of your recruiting and organizational efforts by empowering your employees to share HR-curated content.

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Create an organization of fully engaged employees.

Increase employee engagement.

Engaged employees are happier, stay with their companies longer and are far more productive.

Improve social recruiting.

Reach more qualified job applicants to shorten the length of your recruiting process.

Lower your cost per hire.

Applicants referred by employees and their networks cost less than traditional recruiting.

Ignite recruiting efforts with employee advocacy.

Employees are the most effective channel for sourcing and referring qualified job applicants.

The percentage of HR and business leaders who cite employee engagement as the top issue they are facing.
Employers and recruiters who say the recruiting process is shorter via referrals.
Percent of new hires that are employee referrals.

How to use Bambu for HR.

Ensure your workforce is up-to-date on important business matters/operations with a curated feed of content that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

  • Mission, vision and values
  • Job openings
  • Benefit and wages info
  • Employee handbook
  • Corporate guidelines

Custom built advocacy services and solutions.

Bambu’s dedicated Advocacy Solutions & Services team will help you build, implement and activate an effective social media advocacy program.

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Helping you get started:

  • Full onboarding support to help get your program started.
  • Establish baseline social sharing practices.
  • Ensure a safe enterprise deployment and successful activation.

Providing ongoing support:

  • Frequent meetings to share best practices and talk about program performance.
  • Strategic guidance for increased adoption and success.
  • Premium customer care and technical support.

Equip your recruiting team with Bambu today.

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