Increase quality leads and conversions.

Social selling only works if your sales team knows what to talk about with prospective customers. Distribute curated sales materials through Bambu and your sales team can say goodbye to the cold-call.

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Build a powerful social sales team.

Foster thought leadership.

Arm your sales force with the the right content so they become trusted thought leaders within your industry.

Reach highly qualified sales prospects.

Utilize your sales team’s network of social connections to expose your products and services to a whole new audience.

Increase quality leads and revenue.

Empower your team to educate and drive prospects further down your sales funnel by engaging on social.

Sales is more effective with employee advocacy.

Social media connects your sales team to prospects unlike any traditional sales tool and sets them up for success.

The percentage that sales reps equipped with social media outsell their peers.
The percentage of social sellers that hit their quota (compared to 38% of non-social).
The amount your leads will increase when marketing through employees on social.

How to use Bambu for sales.

Curate a feed of resources so your sales team can field any question or concern regarding your business on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

  • Industry news
  • Sales trends
  • Competitive intel
  • Performance updates
  • Key messaging for products and services

Custom built advocacy services and solutions.

Bambu’s dedicated Advocacy Solutions & Services team will help you build, implement and activate an effective social media advocacy program.

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Helping you get started:

  • Full onboarding support to help get your program started.
  • Establish baseline social sharing practices.
  • Ensure a safe enterprise deployment and successful activation.

Providing ongoing support:

  • Frequent meetings to share best practices and talk about program performance.
  • Strategic guidance for increased adoption and success.
  • Premium customer care and technical support.

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