Advocacy Services

Custom Built Advocacy Solutions and Services

Bambu’s services team enables you to save time, resources and investment by supporting you through the launch and maintenance of your employee advocacy program.

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Program Launch & Deployment

  • Full onboarding support to help get your program started

  • Establish baseline social sharing practices

  • Ensure a safe enterprise deployment and successful activation

Program Administration & Support

  • Dedicated meetings to share best practices and talk about program performance

  • Premium customer care and technical support

  • Strategic guidance for increased adoption and success

Premium Services

In addition to our “out of the box” services, we offer a variety of premium services. These help to ensure your employees are fully engaged with your brand and empowered to share your messages on social.

Content Curation

Tradeshow Event Marketing

Virtual Event Marketing

Change Management

Custom Training

A Team of Advocacy Experts

Bambu’s dedicated Advocacy Solutions & Services team will help you build, implement and activate an effective social media advocacy program.

Picture of the Advocacy Solutions & Services team: Greg Tirico, Stephan Hovnanian, Andrew Weber, Kim Blight, Paul Bohnert, and Cody Cornett
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The Bambu team has gone above and beyond to help us implement the platform. They've ensured that we have a realistic plan to train users, orchestrate content, and design a framework by which we scale. It couldn't have been done without their expertise and dedication!

Molly Clements

Social Marketing Manager
United Way Worldwide

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We had to make a significant shift in focus for our employee advocacy program shortly after launching it. Bambu's Services team provided a set of experienced hands to guide us through everything, from strategy to content to training. I couldn't have done it without them!

Meghan Doherty

Content Marketing Manager


We’ll help you get started

Are you trying to gain buy-in for an employee advocacy program internally?

We can help you communicate the importance and benefits of such a program and get the buy-in you need to plan and execute.

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