Leverage Social Selling

Distribute curated sales materials to your team building thought leadership and establishing new relationships.

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Connect With Prospects

Bambu allows your sales team to connect on social media with prospects unlike any traditional sales tool and sets them up for success.


of people prefer to hear about a new product or service through social media.


of Millennials are more likely to prefer sales outreach via social than other generations.


of people are more likely to buy from a sales representative who shares industry news on social.

Optimize for a New Buyer’s Journey: Today’s consumer doesn’t want to be sold to, they want to be educated.

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Centralize Content & Announcements

Curate a feed of thought leadership resources so your sales team can field any question or concern regarding your business on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Empower Teams Across Departments

Arm your sales team with strong messaging crafted by Marketing, in turn amplifying the power of that content by tapping into new networks.

Recognize Your Team

Understand and recognize who on your salesteam is sharing and connecting your organization to potential new business.

Sell on Social With Bambu

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